Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)

With high-end Intel Xeon processors combined with Samsung SSDs experience a high-performance and reliable virtual server.

Quick Support

Our experienced support team has your back.

High Performance

High performance with next generation processors.

Quick Setup

Quick setup with automatic installation system.

Robust Infrastructure

Redundant infrastructure with two separate service providers.

Plan CPU Ram Disk Port Price
PlanODC-VDS-1 CPU4 Core Ram3 GB Disk25 GB Port1 Gbps Price $2.15 Buy now
PlanODC-VDS-2 CPU4 Core RAM4 GB Disk30 GB Port1 Gbps Price $2.50 Buy now
PlanODC-VDS-3 CPU4 Core RAM6 GB Disk50 GB Port1 Gbps Price $3.25 Buy now
PlanODC-VDS-4 CPU4 Core RAM8 GB Disk70 GB Port1 Gbps Price $3.90 Buy now
PlanODC-VDS-5 CPU4 Core RAM12 GB Disk100 GB Port1 Gbps Price $5.20 Buy now
PlanODC-VDS-6 CPU12 Core RAM16 GB Disk140 GB Port1 Gbps Price $6.60 Buy now
PlanODC-VDS-7 CPU14 Core RAM32 GB Disk240 GB Port1 Gbps Price $12.00 Buy now
PlanODC-VDS-8 CPU16 Core RAM64 GB Disk400 GB Port1 Gbps Price $25.00 Buy now

Operating Systems

With the wide range of operating systems we offer, you can choose the operating system that best suits your needs.

No Waiting Period!

All services purchased are automatically delivered to you in the configuration of your choice after the payment stage.

High Uptime

The uptime rate we estimate for our servers is 99,982%. Thanks to this rate, your service is maintained uninterruptedly.

Daily Backups

All services received are backed up daily by us. These backups can be sent upon request according to the type of service you receive.

What is a VDS?

A Virtual Private Server (VDS) is a hosting solution used to host internet projects. Created by virtualizing a physical server, a VDS provides users with an independent environment. The VDS rental process allows users to obtain a virtual private server that suits their needs. With this process, by purchasing a VDS, they can start using a service that suits the specific requirements of their project. The advantages of VDS include the fair sharing of resources and the ability for users to customize their own private space.

Who is VDS suitable for?

A Virtual Private Server (VDS) is a highly suitable hosting solution for a variety of internet projects. It plays a particularly important role for high-traffic sites, as a VDS provides more resources to cope with increased visitor traffic and high demands, resulting in faster response and more stable performance of websites. On the other hand, for those who want custom settings and control, VDS offers users the possibility to customize their own servers, adding custom configurations to shape their projects and give them full control. This is especially important for projects that have special requirements or require a custom server configuration. This flexibility allows users to find a solution that suits their needs and customize their hosting experience. As a result, VDS is an ideal option for users who have a variety of requirements and want to scale and control their own internet projects.


Frequently Asked Questions

Setup Times

Setups are carried out automatically with our automation system. In case of an extraordinary situation, automation may be disrupted and installation times may extend up to 1 day. If your order is still not installed after this period of time, if you inform us by opening a support request, your order will be set up as soon as possible during working hours.

Support Response Times

Our authorized support team will respond to all your requests within the working hours specified on the contact page. The response time may vary depending on the intensity.

Backup Service

With the automatic backup system, all your services are automatically backed up every day. At any time, you can return to any of your backups taken in the last 3 days.

DDoS Protection

With aurologic (Combahton) DDoS protection, we provide dynamic protection with a capacity of 3.2Tbps. This system, which is automatically activated at the time of attack, improves itself with the incoming attacks and prevents the attacks.

Return Policy

In our services, there is no refund except if the service is not delivered within 48 hours. For detailed information, you can take a look at the Terms of Service.

Server Locations

We provide redundancy from two service providers that we use in our infrastructure in our Bursa data center, through three different locations in total. With two of Turkey's largest operators, Turkcell and Vodafone as well as communication channels such as fiber line, radio link. We also provide redundancy in equipment such as UPS and generators.

Don't let support be your problem!

Every support ticket we receive is resolved within 1 to 3 hours.

The time given is valid during working hours.